Breathing Life Into Landscapes

Durable and weather-resistant, Nippon Paint's high quality finish enhances the aesthetics of our structures, creating a vibrant and beautiful urban landscape while providing protection for years to come.

The role of Nippon Paint in modern architecture is crucial. We respond to critical architectural needs with advanced end-to-end coating solutions and provide comprehensive customer service.

Cement-Based Surfaces

Nippon Paint's range of coatings for cement-based surfaces features many innovative qualities.

Super Weatherbond's line of acrylic coatings has anti-algae, anti-fungi and anti-carbonation properties that make the paint extremely durable and easy to apply.

Durasil is a product in silicone resin emulsion paint that provides excellent durability in protecting exterior walls against the effects of water, pollutants and chemical attacks while preserving the initial coated state.

Super Matex Emulsion is a cost-effective paint solution that provides lasting coats for internal walls.

W300 Watershield is an invisible system used extensively on bricks and other porous surfaces for waterproofing protection. It helps to retain the original look of the surface, while effectively repelling water and moisture.

Expresskote is a water-based wall sealer system product that effectively cuts down plaster surface curing time by up to 16 days and reduces plaster cracks and stains. This significantly reduces occurrence of efflorescence.

Classic Tile and Royal Stone's range of coatings offer granite, ceramic and tile look-alike finishes that come in a choice of either matt or gloss. This range also provides excellent durability and resistance against staining and yellowing, while being extremely easy to apply.


Metal Surfaces

For metal surfaces, we have a range of products that offer high levels of innovation and technology.

The Bodelac 9000 series is one of the most popular products for metal surfaces in the home and office environments because of its easy application method and attractive appearance.

The Hi-Pon line of products on the other hand, offers high levels of durability in highly corrosive environments. They also function effectively in the harshest chemical industries as well as under salt-water exposure.

As for cladding finishes, Nippon Paint offers the Duflonar system. This product is one of the world's most advanced fluoropolymer coating system and can be used for aluminium panelling, extrusions and curtain wall surfaces. Available in solid as well as metallic and exotic colours, the Duflonar system of primer, coat thinner and finishing coats offer excellent levels of performance for exterior weatherability, film integrity and general appearance.

Timber Surfaces

One of the most popular products from Nippon Paint for timber surfaces is the Timberlac, an easy-to-apply clear varnish that retains the natural beauty of wood grains. This results in a long-lasting lustrous finish.

From cement to metal to timber surfaces,
Nippon Paint provides lasting beauty and protection.