Quality Driven By Innovation

Nippon Paint constantly sets new industry standards in coating the finest cars. Our specially developed coatings provide aesthetic superiority and protective quality for enhanced performance and vehicle life span. In the highly competitive automotive segment, we always push ourselves further to stay ahead of the competition.

We are the only company that supplies an entire paint system for cars, dominating Asian markets such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Our extensive range of automotive products includes surface treatment chemicals, protective base-coats, intermediate coats and sparkling top-coats.

While presenting a total service solution for automobile manufacturers worldwide, Nippon Paint is also closely allied with leading car manufacturers in North America and Europe.

As a leader in innovation, we developed a polarised paint, Maziora, which changes colour depending on the angle from which it is viewed or from where the light highlights it. This paint is used to re-paint automobiles or as a high-design paint for new automobiles and designer racing cars. Maziora can also be used on sporting goods, cellular phones and musical instruments.

Our research team is also currently developing eco-friendly products for the next generation automotive industry.

Surface Treatment Chemical

SURF, one of Nippon Paint's popular surface treatment chemicals, works excellently for removing contaminants, degreasing metal and plastics, surface conditioning and phosphating. The chemicals are available in both powder and liquid forms, and can be applied on aluminium, iron and steel, copper and plastic by spraying or immersion.

Cathodic Electrodeposition (CED)

Nippon Paint's Cathodic Electrodeposition (CED) paint provides the automobile protection against diverse climatic conditions. This electrodeposition system acts as an anti-rust primer, and also works effectively as an anti-corrosion agent. We are one of the leading electrodeposition paint suppliers in the Asian automotive industry, supplying both anodic and cathodic electrodeposition systems.


Used to condition the automobile after phosphating, the surfacer provides anti-corrosion properties and good inter-coat adhesion. This layer enhances the automobile's finishing by bringing out the smoothness, brightness and gloss of its colours. Our range of surfacers includes sanding or non-sanding polyester, alkyd polyester, epoxy polyester and acrylic polyester.


A top-coat provides the first level of protection against the elements while at the same time transforming the car into a thing of true beauty. Our top-coats come in a range of different resin-based finishes comprising of polyester, melamine, acrylic and alkyd melamine.


Initially developed as a tough top gloss coat for automotive applications, CyGLAZ® creates a superior, durable gloss finish across the surface it is applied to. CyGLAZ® technology enables the formulation of high-quality paints with easy-care benefits for improved application, durability and quality of finish. Nippon Paint products that carry the CyGLAZ® brand have been tested to ensure high quality, meeting international standards. A revolutionary innovation in paint technology, CyGLAZ® promises even greater benefits in the future.

Bumper Paint

An integral part for the finishing in automobile design, our paint system for bumpers comprises the 1-pack primer for polypropylene and acrylic substrates and resin-based top-coat of polyurethane, nitrocellulose, acrylic, Cab acrylic and polyester.

Automobile Repairs

Nippon Paint's newly developed range of glossy pigments, scratch resistant coatings and super water-repellent coats let car owners give their vehicles a new lease of life with minimal fuss and hassle.

For example, the nax Colour Match Navi CT-X is a computerised colour matching system that uses fuzzy logic and a spectroscopic photochrometer to analyse colours. It is widely accepted in the body-shop business because of its accuracy in matching original colours.

Nippon Paint's nax Admira base-coat is also popular for bodywork repairs. This coating is easy-to-apply and dries fast, thus making it suitable for use in hot, humid climates.

Another product, the nax Quick Aid System, is a quick low-cost refinish system for minor defects. It takes advantage of the quick drying time of nax Admira and works in combination with aerosol top-coats and primer-surfacers.

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With our range of innovative products, Nippon Paint showcases its superiority in the highly competitive automotive segment.