Specially formulated to protect your home against the elements, Nippon Paint's exterior paints help to protect against dirt, algae, fading, chalking and even keeping the temperature down! Our range of home exterior products meets high standards of protection and durability.

For instance, Nippon Paint Weatherbond and Ultrashield are regarded as high performance exterior paints that effectively protect homes from weathering and surface dirt accumulation.

Wood and Metal Coatings

Perfect for all wood and metal surfaces, our range of Nippon Paint Wood and Metal paints promises to bring life back to your favourite wood and metal items.

The Nippon Bodelac 9000 for wood and metal surfaces is well received for its super-gloss finish and durability.

Nippon Timberlac, a clear wood varnish enriches surfaces without concealing the beauty of wood's natural grain.

2KPU, another range of high quality wood coatings, has gained a strong following in the China Market.

Roof and Tile

For roofing, Nippon Paint has developed a coating system that protects and enhances asbestos, tiles and metal roofs. The Nippon Roof Coating system is a high performance acrylics water-based paint that is both fungus and weather-resistant. This coating system is especially popular in the Malaysian market. Nippon Paint now lets you have a roof above your head that not only looks good but protects you as well.