Painting Industries, Big and Small

Today, thousands of industrial manufacturers depend on Nippon Paint products for long lasting strength, protection and improved productivity. Bridges, ships, fuel pipes, chemical tanks, road markings, electronic appliances, steel and wooden furniture – are just some examples where Nippon Paint displays its leadership and innovation. Nippon Paint's Plastic Coatings protects surfaces against stubborn troublemakers such as alcohol, grease and oil. Our Marine Paint has the capability of protecting surfaces of ocean vessels such as super tankers and container ships from corrosion and fouling usually caused by seawater. In the Disk Drive Coating market, Nippon Paint's tin-free CED coating leads the market in excellence. It is a paint specially formulated for protecting the aluminium die-cast casing from rust and corrosion.

Electrical Appliances

Our products for electrical appliances are developed to protect both home and office appliances against rusting, food staining and household chemicals like detergents and scourers. Electrical items such as computer and telecommunication equipment benefit from the protective properties of coating systems such as the Nipsea Polystylac and Superlac F/45.

Cathodic Electrodeposition (CED)

Nippon Paint's CED coat is trusted for its outstanding properties such as corrosion, humidity, chemical and abrasion resistance, and excellent adhesion. Currently, this product for HDD holds a dominant 90% share of the disk drive coating market worldwide because of its complete tin-free technology.

Road Paints

Nippon Paint's Roadline series of road markings and coloured tarmac paints play a significant role in facilitating land traffic. These paints are important in creating a safer and more attractive environment in parks and commercial zones.

Plastic Paint

Our industrial solutions for plastic components are developed with special features such as alcohol, grease and oil-resistance, resilience against heating and freezing cycles, and excellent adhesion and scratch/abrasion-resistance. These paints and coatings are specially formulated for plastic components used in internal and external automobile fittings, electrical equipment and audio products. They are available in gloss, semi-gloss and matt finishes.

Furniture and Wood

We also deliver high quality coatings for wood and steel furniture. The Nippe 2000 and Melamic 1200 series are widely used for the high levels of protection and durability they provide for furniture fittings, picture frames, decorative doors and canework. A variety of finished coat appearances are available, and these include clear and coloured lacquers, solid and metallic, marble, stone, antique and other patterns.

Coil Coating

Coating products for metal coiling such as the Nipsea Super Coat and the Nipsea Steel Coat are developed to withstand rust, weathering and other corrosive elements. These paints provide excellent adherence and heavy-duty protection. This protective function is also extended to other solutions for pre-coated metal such as steel coils and sheet metal.

Marine Paints

Nippon Paint offers coating systems that can withstand the ravages ocean-faring vessels are exposed to. Marine coats under the Nippenyl, Nippelux, Nippechlor and Nippekote series are used for all types of ships including super tankers, container ships and ferries. They help contribute to more efficient sailing and corrosion protection.

Bridges and Structural Steel Work

Whether over land or sea, Nippon Paint’s Copon coating systems provide years of unblemished coating integrity against corrosion and harsh environments. Rapid curing, easy application and long-term high performance protection make it the ideal choice to help minimise construction delays, extend service intervals and reduce closure time for bridge or track maintenance.

Heavy Duty Coatings

Offering higher levels of protection against extreme conditions, Nippon Paint's heavy-duty products such as the Hipon and Copon range are developed with special features that stand up to the harshest corrosive environments. These products are used to coat surfaces such as oil drums, chemical tank interiors, pipelines and industrial plants.

With a 30 year track record as one of the highest quality products for heavy duty coatings in Japan, our Hipon range offers different coating systems for any environmental conditions. Popular in both tropical and cold climates, Hipon coatings provide lasting protection against acids and alkali, and are UV and water-resistant.

Specially developed for extreme environments, our Copon high performance coatings offer many economic, technical and environmental benefits. From oil and gas pipelines to rails and tanks, Copon coatings deliver high-performance corrosion protection, extended coating life, faster application and clean technology for a safer environment.

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