Community Programmes

Colour, Way of Love

Since 2009, Nippon Paint China has partnered with DuPont, Canon, Dow along with many artistes to initiate and drive the "Colour, way of love" program to paint the walls of children schools in China. By making the schools more beautiful and improving the conditions for education, Nippon Paint hopes to contribute to a better learning experience and spark imagination in the children. In addition to painting the walls of Hope Schools, Nippon Paint has also set up a special fund with the China Youth Development Foundation for Nippon Paint to make regular donations to the Hope Schools and Nippon Paint Art Classrooms.

The Nippon Paint "Project Hope" program was founded in 2009 and designed to build Hope Primary Schools in rural China to provide a better place for the children to obtain education. Nippon Paint believes that the colourful campuses will ignite the children's love for study and life, and inspire them to paint the most promising colours of the future.

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