Community Programmes

Renew Your World

The "Renew Your World" program is a partnership formed between Nippon Paint Singapore and ORBIS to assist underpriviledged children in the region who have been diagnosed with severe visual impairments such as childhood blindness, cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases. The program is funded by Nippon Paint Singapore through ORBIS where children all across Asia will be identified to receive treatment for their visual impairment.

Through this program, Nippon Paint hopes to play a part in giving these children a new vision of life and a future filled with colours. We aim to restore sight to at least 440 children with eye diseases by 2014.

Featured Stories

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Sujan sees his parents clearly for the first time

Sujan Adak had problems seeing since he was born. But his parents did not realize that he was suffering from poor vision up until recently when his eyesight got much worse and he could not see objects at a distance.


Nhi receives the best gift

Le Thi Kieu Nhi is the oldest girl in a three-child family. She was born with ptosis (drooping upper eyelid) in her left eye. When Nhi was born, doctors recommended that she undergo an eye operation when she reached age 4.


Trinhs vision and confidence is restored

Le Thi Thuy Trinh now is in the fourth grade at Xuan Phu primary school. Her family consists of four people her parents and two children. Trinh’s parents do not have stable work and their financial situation is difficult.


Baby Haowei is saved from a life of blindness

Baby Tan Haowei was born extremely premature at 25-weeks (average normal gestation is 40 weeks) and weighed just 830grams. The local provincial hospital staff made huge efforts to keep tiny baby Haowei alive.