Nature is the world’s richest source of color and that is why Nippon Paint is committed to preserving the environment. As the leading manufacturer of paint, the company firmly believes that sustaining a colorful and vibrant urban environment can be done with minimal impact to Mother Nature. This is why Nippon Paint China launched the Ecolor initiative to help build a more sustainable environment for all.

Employee Care

Nippon Paint believes that good practices start from within. This is why a key component of the Ecolor initiative is placed in ensuring that all employees get a holistic benefit program from participating in trade unions to meaningful communications programmes.

Color, Way of Love

What better way to show its love for the surrounding by saying it with color? Together with DuPont, Nippon Paint launched a national programme to paint the walls of 100 primary schools across China so as to inspire imagination and the love of learning in the students

Environmental Protection

As one of the largest paint manufacturers in China, Nippon Paint is at the forefront of developing environmentally products that are as eco-friendly as they are a joy to use. Nippon Paint products are ISO certified to be environmentally friendly and conforms to the strictest safety and technical standards.

Community Outreach and Corporate Social Responsibility

Nippon Paint is always looking for ways to give back to the community. The company contributes by keeping a busy calendar of activities related to corporate social responsibility as well as its 1+3 CSR project. Nippon Paint also tries its best to weave in CSR activities into its nation-wide marketing programmes so as to better benefit the very community that contributes to its success.

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