Nippon Paint Technology

Over the years, Nippon Paint has perfected its products by means of breakthrough paint technology, with emphasis on innovation and eco-friendliness. We meet varied needs by proactively developing high-grade environmentally friendly products with near zero VOC content. Nippon Paint creates highly functional products and systems that keep bacteria and paint odour at bay and reduce the number of coating processes to save energy. Incorporating advances in paint technology, our impressive range of high-end textures for exteriors and interiors can last for more than 10 years.

Growing With Innovation

We also established numerous research and development centres that have brought life to more than 100,000 products for professional, industrial and home use. By combining research and development with in-depth local market understanding, we provide end-to-end solutions for virtually all kinds of painting needs – from home furnishings, high-rise buildings, factories to numerous industrial applications.

Research and Development

Research Center Tokyo Branch

Nippon Paint Japan and NIPSEA Technologies work in close collaboration. Our researchers in both facilities are constantly delivering exceptionally innovations, through continuous improvement in the effectiveness and efficiency of our research and development activities. Together, our team of scientists and technologists are fully dedicated to extensive research in fundamental paint technologies; like coating polymer development, paint formulation and other specialised design and developmental work. This effort is coupled by our vision in protecting, beautifying and enhancing the environment while maintaining a fine ecological balance.

To learn more about our research & development, please visit our Nippon Paint R&D website.

Our Latest Technology

CyGLAZ® Technology

Initially developed as a tough top gloss coat for automotive applications, CyGLAZ® creates a superior, durable gloss finish across the surface it is applied to. CyGLAZ® technology enables the formulation of high-quality paints with easy-care benefits for improved application, durability and quality of finish. Nippon Paint products that carry the CyGLAZ® brand have been tested to ensure high quality, meeting international standards. A revolutionary innovation in paint technology, CyGLAZ® promises even greater benefits in the future.

Conventionally, polymers are classified as 4 different types (based on the generation):

• Linear,
• Grafted,
• Branched &
• Dendritic polymers (highly branched & functionalized)

These dendritic polymers are new class of polymers with macromolecular 3-dimensional polymer architecture and are the most exciting ones developed in the recent decades. The numerous functional groups available along the periphery of the molecular geometry make them suitable for high performance coatings based on thermoset chemistry. CyGLAZ® Resins belong to this new type of macromolecular more symmetric high functional 3-D polymers.

Over the past 5 years, NIPSEA Technologies has developed series CyGLAZ® Resins, such as BB100, BB400, BB500, BB900, BBD5025, CDBB2000 and CDBB5000, to meet the requirement of different down steam applications. Pl contact for product price, SDS, PDS.

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